About Us

GFA is actually owned by the people who bank here. Every person with a Membership account has equal ownership in the credit union. There are no stockholders. As such we make decisions that are in the best long-term interest of the people who use our services. It’s Better Banking. Better for you. Better for our community.

GFA serves individuals who live or work in Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire or individuals who are family of GFA Members that live or work in Central Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire. Once a Member always a Member means you can keep GFA even if you move out of the area. Your deposits provide for people right here in our community to borrow for college, buy a home or expand a business. Likewise, when you borrow at GFA you enable people to have access to low cost services and great rates – helping people save for a rainy day through retirement. So stop by any of our branches and ask them to compare the accounts and loans you already have and see what a GFA Membership could save you.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, elected by the membership, are all volunteers. They receive no compensation for their time and commitment to ensure the credit union’s vision and values are upheld.