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Skip-A-Payment Request Form

This authorization form is to be used for each payment deferral and term extension request on an eligible GFA loan. Complete the form below and submit to GFA.
First Name
Last Name
Last 4 digits of SSN
Phone Number
Skip my next monthly payment on the following loan:
Last 4 digits of loan account #
Payment Due Date
Monthly Payment
Loan Type
I agree to pay the $35.00 processing fee:
From my GFA Checking/Savings Account
Last 4 digits of Account Number
TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Types of loans eligible for this Skip-a-Payment offer include: Auto, Motorcycle, Recreational Vehicle, and Shares Pledged Loans. A $35 processing fee will be requested. Loans must be current. You have successfully made 6 consecutive payments. The principle and interest payment is deferred until the loan is paid off or until the maturity is reached. The skip payment extends the maturity date (term) of your loan by one month. Your next loan payment will be due one month after the deferred payment due date. Except as changed by the note payment skip deferral and term extension, all terms, provisions and conditions of said note shall remain in full force and effect. Failure by the Debtor to make any payment, or comply with any other provisions of this Agreement or of said note as changed here, shall constitute as a breach of condition for which the unpaid balance of the note debt shall, at the option of GFA Federal Credit Union or its assigns become due and payable immediately, and may be enforced or recovered together with the interest and other lawful charges as provided by law.


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