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What is Better Banking?

President & CEO, Tina M. Sbrega

GFA's President & CEO, Tina Sbrega defines "Better Banking."


What is Better Banking?

There is no one answer to this question. Each member has their own idea of what "Better Banking" means to them.

  • To members it may mean convenience of mobile banking, shared branching, ten branche locations with over 30,000 surcharge free ATMs
  • For some it may mean knowing your name when you walk through the door to any GFA branch and understanding your circumstances
  • To those looking for value, Better Banking means low rates on loans and higher interest on checking accounts and term share certificates
  • Being a trusted financial advisor is important, that's why we have services to help with wealth management
  • Some need security, and doing business with a trusted and secure financial institution is key
  • Local businesses look to GFA for Better Banking business services to help them grow
  • Lastly Better Banking means investing in the communities we serve through financial and volunteering commitments

Our GFA team works hard each and everyday to ensure we deliver "Better Banking" to our members to help them achieve their financial dreams - whether it be owning your first home, your child's first savings account, renovating your home, or planning for your retirement.

Don't you deserve "Better Banking?" To join GFA you can click the button below, call 978-632-2542 or visit one of our local GFA branches.

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