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Need extra cash?

There are lots of reasons to get a personal loan and some are, well, personal. Pay for unexpected expenses, consolidate debt, or finance a big ticket item. Borrow what you need with a GFA Personal Loan. 

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Personal Loans

Personal Loan Type
Personal Loans

Personal Loan

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Personal loans are used to consolidate debt, pay for big ticket items or unexpected expenses.
     - A GFA Personal Loan is unsecured
     - Fixed-rate
     - Optional Payment Protection is available
Personal Loans

Signature Loan

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A Signature loan can be used for car repairs, moving expenses, to cover unexpected expenses and more.
     - No credit check pulled
     - Fixed-rate and unsecured
Share and Certificate Loans

Share and Certificate Loans

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Use a Certificate of Deposit or Share Account as collateral for your loan.

Do you need extra cash? Additional money doesn’t appear with a few magic words. When you’re in a financial bind, a personal loan could be just what you need to get through.

Personal loans are just what the name describes: they’re personal! Seek assistance from a personal loan lender to fund unexpected expenses, consolidate accumulated debt, or finance a big-ticket item.

Perhaps you need a personal loan for debt consolidation. Or you want to embark on a home renovation project that requires financing. There are plenty of possibilities available when you choose a personal loan lender like GFA to support your financial endeavors.

Bank better with GFA Federal Credit Union. Borrow what you need with a GFA Personal Loan to achieve your financial goals.