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Welcome to GFA Federal Credit Union - the home of Better Banking!

GFA is owned by our members, not by stockholders. Every member is an equal owner of the credit union. Our Better Banking Representatives are dedicated to helping you reach your financial goals, whatever they may be. We have the solutions you need to grow your business, finance your continuing education, buy your first home, or plan your retirement. It's Better Banking. Better for you. Better for our community. We are proud to be YOUR credit union.

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"Better Banking" Defined...

Become a member of GFA and experience Better Banking.

Experience the credit union difference with GFA Federal Credit Union. When you become a member of GFA you're not just a number, but part owner. As a member you receive low loan rates, high earnings, access to ALL of GFA's products and services and convenient locations in MA and NH. Join GFA and experience Better Banking for yourself.

You are eligible for membership if you...

  • Are related to a GFA Member
  • Are an employee of a GFA affiliated business/organization
  • Are a member of a partnered GFA organization

To become a member of GFA Federal Credit Union requires you to make a deposit of at least $10.00 in any of the following accounts to serve as your membership account:

If you do not elect to open a membership account, GFA Federal Credit Union will open a Fusion Savings Account for you. An additional $10 deduction from your external funding account will be processed to fund your new Fusion Savings account.

Membership Eligibility

Becoming a member of GFA Federal Credit Union is easy. There are several ways to qualify for membership.

Family Relationship to a GFA Member

  • If someone in your immediate family is a current member, you are eligible membership at GFA Federal Credit Union (includes spouse, domestic partner, children, siblings, parents, grandparent, grandchild, stepparents, stepchildren, step siblings, adoptive relationships, and others living in your household).

Company You Work for

  • GFA has partnership businesses/organizations that offer GFA as a benefit to their employees.
    •    Is your businesses/organizations not affiliated? Find out how your company can become a GFA Partner Company.

Membership Organizations

  • You can join GFA even if you are not eligible for membership through a family member or your employer. If you currently belong to or join a sponsoring membership organization that offers GFA as a benefit to their members, you are automatically eligible to join GFA Federal Credit Union.
  • If you do not currently belong to a partnered organization, we will be happy to enroll you in one at the time of account opening.

Once you join GFA, you can remain a member for life. This means even if you move you are still a member and able to bank with us through Online and Mobile Banking, or by using the CO-OP Shared Branching Network. Your deposit helps provide for those within your community; auto financing, equipment loans for local businesses, and first-time home buyers. Become a member today!

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, elected by our members, are all volunteers. They receive no compensation for their time and commitment to ensure the credit union's vision and values are upheld.

Annual Report

Since every person that is a member of GFA is also an owner, we provide you an Annual Report each year.

2023 Annual Report      2022 Annual Report      2021 Annual Report      2020 Annual Report      2019 Annual Report      2018 Annual Report

  • Our Mission

    Mission Statement:

    To earn the trusted position as your financial solutions partner. For all life's occasions. While remaining invested in our communities.

    Core Values:

    • Curious
    • Empowered
    • Compassionate
    • Accountable
    • Present
    • Remarkable
  • History


    In 1938, 20 founding fathers pledged a total of $755 and the credit union launched from the Greenwood Street home of Linus Allain. The idea took hold and the first annual report issued on October 31,1939 recorded the $5,038.20 Members had on deposit and their $3,301.16 in loans.

    An official office was opened on Parker Street in 1941 and has seen four major renovations and expansions since. At the ribbon cutting in December 1963, Linus Allain thanked the many parties who made it possible, including “Our Members who stood by us with confidence and unwavering loyalty.” We are proud that this very statement holds true today. GFA has never lost sight of the principles upon which we were founded. "Serving the underserved" and the credit union principle of "people helping people" are what GFA still stands for today.

    How We’ve Grown

    Of course the expansions at GFA far exceed the Parker Street location. Today we operate 10 branches, offer a robust online banking system, allow members to deposit checks from their home or office and bank with their mobile phone. We serve over 35,000 people in Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. And, through our convenient technology based services we continue to serve many members who have moved to other parts of the country or abroad – taking comfort that they can still rely on the values, fiscal soundness and service of their credit union. To bring our full range of solutions to their members, throughout the years other credit unions have also joined the GFA family. Seven credit unions including Fernald School, S. Bent Brothers, Collier Keyworth, Asnacomet, Fitchburg Community Federal, Marquette, and Cheshire County Federal have merged with GFA, each bringing additional strengths. As a pioneering leader in the credit union landscape, GFA was recognized as the first credit union in the nation to acquire a stock owned savings bank, the former Monadnock Savings Bank. With continued growth, GFA’s basic cooperative structure remains unchanged – as a credit union, when a person opens their first account, they become an equal owner. As such there are no stockholders.


    • 1938 - Main location Gardner was founded
    • 1978 - GFA acquires Fernald School Employee Credit Union
    • 1986 - GFA acquires Collier Keyworth Credit Union
    • 1987 - GFA acquires S. Bent Brothers Credit Union
    • 1989 - Hubbardston branch opens
    • 1989 - GFA Services, Inc. formed
    • 1993 - Winchendon branch opens
    • 1993 - GFA acquires Marquette Credit Union
    • 1997 - Pearson Blvd. branch in Gardner opens
    • 2004 - Rutland branch opens
    • 2005 - GFA Acquires Asnacomet Credit Union
    • 2006 - Rindge branch opens
    • 2007 - Fitchburg branch opens
    • 2007 - GFA acquires Fitchburg Community Federal Credit Union
    • 2009 - Ashburnham branch opens
    • 2010 - GFA Insurance Services, LLC is introduced
    • 2012 - Peterborough branch opens
    • 2013 - Leominster branch opens
    • 2016 - Land acquired to build a new Peterborough branch
    • 2018 - New Peterborough branch opens
    • 2018 - Construction begins on the expansion of our Parker St. branch and headquarters
    • 2019 - GFA acquires Keene, NH based Cheshire County Federal Credit Union
    • 2020 - Expansion of Parker St. headquarters completed
    • 2020 - New Locations for Rindge and Cheshire County branches acquired
    • 2021 - New Rindge branch opens
    • 2021 - New Cheshire Country branch opens - rebranded as GFA Federal Credit Union | CC Keene Division
  • Community

    Community Commitment

    We are more than just your credit union: we are your community partner.

    At GFA Federal Credit Union we believe in giving back to the communities in which we serve. That means supporting local schools, organizations, and non-profits that work to better our neighborhoods and towns. Our employees volunteer time to local organizations and we donate to many worthy causes.


    The core of our mission is to improve the quality of life for those individuals and businesses we serve, as well as the communities in which they reside. We do this by investing in community/charitable activities and partnering with local non-profit organizations.  

    We work with the community and schools to educate on financial literacy, check out our Financial Reality Fair at Gardner High School.


    GFA supports:

    • Education (emphasis on financial literacy)
    • Health and Human Services
    • Veterans Services
    • Youth Services

    GFA does not offer support for:

    • Endowments
    • Profit organizations
    • Groups of less than 20 individuals that will gain from our support
    • Individuals or individual fundraising efforts
    • Organizations outside our Field of Membership
    • Political fundraising or views
    • Religious entities
    • Unions
    How do you submit a request for support contribution?

    We award one donation per year, per organization. Our Community Support Team meets once a month to review requests. Please be sure to include all your contact information. Submissions must include:

    • A full description of the purpose of the request and how the financial contribution will be used to support the endeavor
    • A copy of the tax exempt status
    • Any relationship with organization or its officers has with the credit union
    • Marketing opportunities for GFA (ex. press release or photo opportunity)
    • Partnership opportunities
    • Community events, tournaments, and advertising requests must meet the same guidelines

    Priority will be given to organizations that are aligned with the areas listed above. As GFA provides funding directly to the United Way, organizations that receive United Way funding may not be eligible for additional monetary donations.

    Community Support Form