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GFA Federal Credit Union Credit Cards

Open a credit card, with someone you trust. We can bring the same level of integrity to you already rely on with our line of credit cards

Simple To Apply

When applying for a standard credit card, you have to enter a ton of personal information since the company that is offering it to you barely knows you. However, for this union bank credit card application, there will be much less of that. We know who you are, how much money you make, and how well you pay off your debts—which are all crucial things to know for a group offering the card.

Easy To Use

On top of that, union bank credit cards are much easier to use. Since everything is done in-house, you won’t have to use multiple online programs to pay off your bills. Plus, automatic online payments are easier than ever. As a bonus feature for the card itself, all the cards we offer our members come with Tap to Pay, which will make contactless payments a cinch.

Safe and Secure

Our cards can also offer you debt protection for those times when you forget to pay something off. Other than that, our cards are just as secure as the accounts that you keep your money in. If you want to have one of the safest credit union credit cards in the Massachusetts area, then you know exactly who you need to come to.

Apply for TEAL Credit

Apply for CASH BACK Credit


To view the full disclosure for TEAL and CASH BACK credit cards Click Here.

To report your GFA credit card lost or stolen please call 1.855.835.9192.