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  • Oct 02, 2018

Pregame For The Holidays

The holidays are not far, it's time to review finances before you start spending.


It's officially fall and it won't be long before the holiday shopping season begins.  Don't get stuck with a huge bill at the start of the new year, prepare now for holiday expenses.

Start saving now by tucking away funds for your holiday shopping instead of charging it to high interest credit cards.  Create a savings account and automatically transfer funds from your paycheck each week.  By saving now you won't have to shell out more during November and December.

Don't get trapped by store credit card bargains.  A lot of stores offer a discount off your purchase if  you sign up for their store credit card.  Those types of credit cards usually have a high interest rate and bills can rack up quickly.  If you use a credit card make sure you pay it off right away.

Have a set budget for your holiday expenditures such as gifts, food, decorations, and travel.

Make your travel plans now.  Airline tickets increase the closer you get to the holidays.  Shop around for the best price and book your flights and hotels in advance.

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