GFA Federal Credit Union

Digital Wallet


Your GFA Debit MasterCard® is in your Digital Wallet

Pay for your purchases quick, easy, and securely without having to take out your wallet. 

Digital Wallet1 is the convenient way to use your GFA Debit Card.

With your GFA Debit Card loaded into your Digital Wallet you can make a purchase quickly and securely without taking out your wallet. It's never been easier!
Use your phone to make purchases wherever you see these logos:

How to Enroll:

  • Android™ Users: Open the Google Wallet app or download it on Google Play if it is not already installed on your phone. Tap ‘Add to Wallet’, follow the instructions to upload your GFA Federal Credit Union Debit MasterCard®, and verify your card if needed.
  • Apple® Users: Simply tap the Wallet app that's already on your iPhone® and follow the instructions to upload your GFA Federal Credit Union Debit MasterCard®. If your debit card is already connected to your iTunes® account, just enter the card security code within Wallet.
  • Samsung® Users: On supported device, you should have Samsung Wallet already installed on your phone. If not, you can also visit the Galaxy Store® to download Samsung Wallet. Tap 'Add Card', follow the instructions to upload your GFA Federal Credit Union Debit MasterCard®.

How to Pay:

  • Android™ Users: Unlock your phone, hold it near the reader, and look for the check mark to know your payment has been accepted.
  • Apple® Users: Open your mobile wallet, double-click the side button on your iPhone or Apple Watch® or place your finger on Touch ID®, then hold it near the reader.
  • Samsung® Users: Launch the Samsung Wallet app and access your cards. Authenticate using your preferred verification method. Hold the back of your phone up to the reader. 

Keeping you secure:

When you use one of these mobile wallets, your card number is replaced by a unique code for each transaction. That means your actual debit card numbers are never shared, adding an extra layer of security when you shop.

To learn more, visit:

Most Smartphones Come with a mobile wallet app preloaded whether you have an Apple®, Samsung®, Android™, or other type of smartphone.

To learn more about which devices are supported, visit:

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