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  • Apr 28, 2023

Advantages of a Completely Free Checking Account

Managing money and opening bank accounts are discouraging. However, the advantages of a completely free checking account may reinstate hope for your finances!

How do you know which type of checking account to open? With all the rewards, fees, and minimum balance requirements, it’s confusing to know which one to choose.

You’re in luck! One type of checking account is ideal for people of all ages. Read more about the advantages of a completely free checking account to see how you can benefit.

Zero Service Charges

You’re searching to open a checking account to manage your money. When banks require monthly service fees, the process can seem ludicrous. One advantage of a completely free checking account is no additional withdrawal that will appear every month or annual fee for service. Instead, you can focus on properly managing your money at all times with amazing benefits.

No Minimum Monthly Balances

Many checking and savings accounts require a minimum monthly balance. Fees will appear if you fall below the minimum amount. Luckily, free checking accounts don’t demand a minimum balance, so this occurrence isn’t a worry! Instead, you can have the power to manage your money as you need at all times.

Free Online Banking

If you have a busy schedule, finding the time to drive to the bank or call a representative whenever a problem arises can be tricky. Online banking provides 24/7 access to your accounts! You can even set up alerts on your mobile device to ensure everything is in order. From notifications about low balances to overdrafts, you can easily stay updated with this free feature.

Receive Free eStatements

Sending bank statements in the mail is a thing of the past! You can view all your checking statements online for convenient access that won’t cost you anything. The document will include detailed information about the transactions from the statement cycle. Each month, a new eStatement will appear that you can read through without paying any fees.

When it’s time to open a checking account in Massachusetts, look no further than GFA Federal Credit Union. You’ll experience these tremendous benefits listed above and so much more!

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