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  • Jun 29, 2018

Construction at Parker St. HQ Begins

Construction is finally moving at the main office at 229 Parker Street in Gardner.

Construction has started at our main office on 229 Parker Street in Gardner. You will see many changes happening in the next few months and this blog will give you updates on the construction.

construction gfa sidewalk  sidewalk 2

We are going to be making a new parking lot across the street from the branch, this will provide adequate parking for members during our construction phase. Please keep posted for changes in entry patterns as construction progresses.
The images above show the new sidewalk placed across the street on Monday. Paving will be happening very soon.

The GFA Team is excited about the demolition of the old and building of the new. Since 1938 GFA has been a part of the Gardner community and we will continue to invest in our community and grow together.

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