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  • May 28, 2019

2018-2018 Student Advisory Board Wraps Another Successful Year

GFA's Student Advisory Board wrapped up another successful year.

   2018-2019 Student Advisory Board

Student Advisory Board Members, Edmond Perry, 1st Vice President/Real Estate Sales and Development Office and Gina Vecchi, Retail Mortgage Originator gather for the last meeting held May 15th.  Left to Right: Cameron Davis, Emily Fluet, Becca Lashua, Justin Nguyen, Angel Ruiz-Corral, Erin Malloy, Kayla Keenan and Christine Belitsky.           

Edmond Perry, 1st Vice President, and Gina Vecchi, Retail Mortgage Originator, of GFA Federal Credit Union met with the Student Advisory Board throughout the year, providing educational seminars on a variety of relevant financial topics including: budgeting, understanding credit, loans, the stock exchange and overall guidance on banking. The students worked together to best determine ways to educate their peers, culminating with a financial reality fair held in November.

stock market challenge winner 2019

Paul Fitzpatrick, Senior Vice President of GFA Financial Group, led students on the Stock Market Challenge.  Each student selected stocks and invested a fictitious $10,000.  Each month the students tracked their progress and were allowed to sell or buy other stocks.  This year’s winner is Angel Ruiz-Corral, his total returns were $11,715.82.

Each year the students are asked to create a video based on the knowledge they gained through their sessions.  This year students created a video on the importance of credit.   These educational sessions are important to the financial education of todays youth and GFA is proud to be a part of that learning experience.

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