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  • Jul 25, 2019

We Have Walls!

Major progress has been made on our expansion.

We've been so busy the past few months making major progress on the expansion of our Parker St. headquarters that we haven't had time to post an update! There's been lots of exciting milestones and you can really see the building taking shape now. After months of wondering what's going on behind the fence in that big hole in the ground, we can excitedly say the steel beam work was completed on schedule at the end of April. The ceremonial topping off with an American flag being placed in the last beam can be seen in the image below.

Building Steel frame

Flag topping off on steel beams

Once the steel beams were in place the workers were free to secure the decking and pour the concrete for all 3 floors. The large open staircase from the first to second floor was installed and really helps to start see the design taking shape. All of this was competed during the month of May making for one busy month!

Concrete is poured to make floors

open staircase

June saw the beginning of the roof work with the metal trusses being installed. Their angles create some great shapes and interesting perspective, don't you think? These were eventually covered with sheathing and filled with insulation before the shingles and rubber roofing were attached.

Metal roof trusses

Angled metal roof trusses

Here is an aerial drone photo that gives you an idea of the full scale of the expansion, impressive! These past few months have been really exciting as all the work has pulled together. Towards the end of June the metal framing was starting to be attached which allowed us to see where the windows will be. So many windows! Who doesn't love natural lighting?

Arial shot of construction sight in June

Exterior metal framing

As June became July and the thermometer continued to rise, the work steadily continued. The metal framing has started to be covered with a yellow exterior sheathing. This will only last a few weeks as the contractors will eventually apply a gray air infiltration barrier before the facade is later applied. Progress continues to be made on the interior as well. The metal wall studs in the basement have been completed and the framing on the first floor has started, along with the HVAC ductwork, plumbing, and electrical work.

exterior yellow building sheathing

metal wall studs in the basement

We still have a lot of work to go but are on track for a November 15 move in date. Then it's on to phase 2, remodeling the Parker St. branch! Designs were recently finalized for the reception and office areas. Modern lighting options, a concept for the open first to second floor staircase, and the color themes can been seen below.

Reception area

Office area

First to second floor staircase concept

Second floor employee coffee lounge

Check back soon as we'll have much more exciting progress to share!

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