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  • Sep 25, 2019

September Construction Update

We're steadily continuing the progress on our expansion at the Parker St. headquarters.

With over 20 workers from 8 different subcontractors on site each day, our Parker St. headquarters is a buzz of activity. Sheetrock continues to be hung with taping following right behind. With more solid walls being put up everyday the excitement grows. Along with the sheetrock work on the interior, we've had electricians and plumbers working on a few major areas.

Some of the construction progress kind of looks like a modern art. Here we can see the installed pipes in one of the restrooms in the basement and the pipes containing the wiring for the main electrical panels. Some interesting shapes and lines get covered up and hidden away never to be seen.

Plumbing in restroom

Wires going to electrical boxes

Electrical boxes with wires

Moving to the exterior you may have noticed we're turning yellow again! The building exterior is being sprayed with a yellow colored foam insulation that will be covered by our finished exterior facade. What do you think our final exterior will be?

Foam insulation on building exterior

Continuing the work on the first floor, the tinted windows have begun to be installed. This tint will help to cut down on the suns glare while still illuminating our work areas with the much sought after natural light. While the window installation has just starting, the are duct work was completed! I can't help but think of Bruce Willis climbing through the air ducts in Die Hard when looking at this photo. How about you?

Tinted windows

Completed air ducts

Coming up the plumbing and electrical work will continue and the fire alarm system will begin to be installed. Our exterior will start changing colors yet again. We like to fit in with the season and the changing leaves around us. Keep checking back for more progress updates.

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