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  • Sep 13, 2019

The Progress Continues

We've hit some major miles stones in the past few weeks!

With the deliveries of the elevator and window framing we can say we've hit a few major miles stones in our construction progress. We've had ten different subcontractors performing work these past few weeks, all making good progress. There's been lots of activity on the site and we couldn't be happier.

The window frames are being installed and to say we're all very excited with how many we'll have is an understatement. Below the team from Lizotte Glass, Inc. is installing the floor to ceiling window frames in our operations area on the second floor. It wont be long before the morning sun will be cascading into our work stations.

Metal floor to ceiling window frames from the outside

Metal floor to ceiling window frames from the inside

The metal framing of office and hallway walls is nearly complete. Now walking around the site has the feel of what the finished product will be. Here is a look into the street side view from the lending area. Four offices will line the back with lots of cubical work stations in the open space. And again, so many windows and natural lighting.

Metal framing studs for offices

This view taken from the second floor looking down doesn't due justice to the size of the staircase. This will be a fun area to watch evolve.

Staircase metal studs

Saving the best for last, we're happy to announce the walls in the basement are completely covered in sheetrock!

basement wall sheetrock

With less than 90 days till move in day, we're sure to hit a lot more milestones. Check back soon for more updates!

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