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  • Oct 23, 2019

October Construction Update

With the changing leaves so is the expansion at 229 Parker St.

Plenty of windows have been installed and in a few different color tints! The bronze tinted windows, shown below in the view of the main entrance, offer more privacy and are installed on the lower levels. We also have windows tinted a nice shade of blue. These are hung on the first floor overlooking the employee patio as well as on the entire second floor.

Front Entrance Windows

Blue Tint Windows

National Grid was on site to replace our existing electrical pole. We barely noticed they were here as they were in and out within a few hours! Our electrical contractor, Gregoire Electric, received compliments from the wiring inspector for their neat and professional work, we'd have to agree. They installed heavy gauge wire between one of the inside transformers and adjacent breaker panels.

New Electrical Pole

Neat Electrical Boxes

The lower level sheetrock has all been hung, and the taping and finishing was completed. Work on the first and second floor is continuing but we can't help but get excited to see full rooms now! There's still a maze of pipe and duct work above but we don't want to push it. We'll be even more excited when we have ceilings!

Finished Sheetrock basement room

Work outside the building is steadily moving along. We've been progressively turning yellow and will remain so for a few more weeks until the finished facade is installed. Many layers of insulation have been installed to keep us as warm and toasty as possible during the frigid New England winters. Work has started on the employee patio area as well as the east side to match the existing brick. This will eventually wrap all the way around the lower level of the building.

Building street view September

Starting Brick

There have been a few delays which have pushed our move in date back a few weeks. We're now set to be move in ready on December 25th. What better Christmas present could we ask for than a completed new building? We can't think of anything.

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