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  • Nov 21, 2019

GFA Announces Long Term Lease Plans at 67 Pearson Boulevard

GFA Federal Credit Union, announced their long term lease plans for the existing 67 Pearson Boulevard branch, located right off exit 23 on Route 2.

“With the exciting renovations well underway at our 229 Parker Street headquarters, the non-branch operational office space will become vacant in the Pearson Boulevard building. We are eager to make the additional space available for a new opportunity within Gardner, while not disrupting our Pearson members, said Tina M. Sbrega, GFA Federal Credit Union’s President & CEO.

GFA Federal Credit Union will list the entire 67 Pearson Boulevard property for sale, they will then sign a long term lease for the existing branch location to continue to provide Better Banking for years to come. There will not be any interruption to branch operations as a result of this transaction. GFA has been serving Gardner for over 81 years and remains invested in the community, as it stands today they are the only locally controlled financial institution in the Greater Gardner area.

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