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  • Dec 10, 2019

December Construction Update

Things are really taking shape on Parker St.

It's turned cold, wet, and snowy recently but that hasn't slowed the work on our Parker St headquarters expansion. Outside you may have noticed the office trailer is gone. This was removed to make way for the first, binder layer of pavement. Here we can see equipment prepping the lot. The view of the back entrance shows our new overhang to welcome our members.

Paving the parking lot certainly takes a lot of trucks and different equipment. The final paving of the smooth top coating will be completed in the spring.

Above is a view of the north east corner where we can see the recessed, employee patio. Everyone will really enjoyed it in the warmer months for sure. This area, along with the ramp heading down to it, was recently prepped for the concrete to be poured. The graded ramp, edge expansion material, and welded wire fabric can be seen below.

On the building interior all sheetrock has been installed and the taping and finishing is almost complete. We're very excited to see some color starting to appear in spots around the building. Below we can see a contractor sanding to prep the walls for paint, another painting, and a finished view of our lower level where we have a few door frames installed as well.

The elevator area has made steady progress and is practically ready to use. The masons have completed blocking up the openings around the door frames on all three floors. We even got a sneak peak at the inside. The last photo is a view of the first floor elevator lobby with the Wealth Management suite visible behind. What a nice, bright color to welcome you.

Moving forward we can't wait to seeing even more color on the walls as well as ceiling tiles begin to be hung. Starting this week a contractor will be on site to start laying the tile in our bathrooms. The window flashing and exterior siding will also begin to be prepped and installed. It's all coming together and soon it will just be the finishing touches.

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