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  • Dec 21, 2020

Three Elected to GFA's Board of Directors

The annual meeting of GFA Federal Credit Union was held in late November, after postponing the April meeting due to the uncertainty of the pandemic. The annual meeting was held virtually, giving all members the opportunity to view, share of the successes of 2019, the journey through 2020 and the promising future that awaits in 2021.

Three individuals were re-elected to the Board of Directors to serve a three year term. The three re-elected Directors include Charles P. Bowles, Retired President & CEO of GFA Federal Credit Union, Douglas R. Delay, Purchasing Manager at Latrobe Specialty Metals, and Mark Hawke, Town Administrator for the Town of Westminster.

The candidates were recommended by the Nominating Committee and elected by the Membership. The elected three board members have the business acumen, knowledge of and commitment to GFA’s core values. GFA’s Board of Directors serve as representatives of the general Membership.  Being elected by the Membership, Directors ensure that governance is practiced in the best interest of GFA’s Member-Owners. GFA Federal Credit Union’s Board of Directors is comprised of committed individuals who volunteer their time, receiving no renumeration for their services.

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