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  • Feb 19, 2021

Tech Talk with Jeff - COVID Vaccine Cards

Vaccine at last, just when you thought it was safe...

Now that getting vaccinated for COVID is moving forward, there is yet a new threat you need to consider. In the excitement of finally getting the vaccine, many people are taking pictures of the their COVID vaccination cards. They then post them up on social media for everyone to see. Exciting to be sure, but DON’T DO IT. Unfortunately, like a lot of things these days, scammers use this information against you. When you post the card, you are displaying personal information.

What could possibly be on that card that would be of use to a scammer? Plenty, it has your full name, date of birth, your patient number and possibly other information. Not sure I’m right about this threat? Even the Better Business Bureau is warning people not to post pictures of their vaccination cards.

What have some of the scammers been doing? One way is they use the image to create a fake vaccination card to sell online. Great, now we have people carrying around cards saying they are vaccinated when they are not. This hurts all of us. We certainly don’t want to be making it easier for these people.

Also, keep in mind that once a scammer has your full name and date of birth off your card, all they need now is your social security number to start pretending they are you. Why give thieves any information that gets them even one step closer to scamming you.

Be aware and be safe.

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