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  • Apr 01, 2021

GFA's Board of Directors unveil a CEO Wall of Fame and Dedicate Board Room to Tina M. Sbrega

At the March Board of Director’s Meeting, Gerald L. Bankowski, Chief Governance Officer and Andrew N. Boucher, Vice Chair unveiled to Charles Bowles, former President and CEO, and Tina M. Sbrega, current President and CEO a wall of fame in honor of GFA Federal Credit Union’s leadership over the past 82 years.

“Eighty-two years young and GFA is the sole remaining homegrown financial institution in the City of Gardner. This organization is regarded as a premier place to bank – with member service that is second to none, and a demonstrated commitment to this community. All of this did not happen by chance, it’s a reflection of the past 8 decades of strong, dedicated leadership – Linus Allain, Bertrand L. LaChance, Charles P. Bowles, and Tina M. Sbrega – a true commitment to a unified vision of what GFA stands for” said Gerald L. Bankowski.

The CEO Wall of Fame is proudly displayed in the new corporate headquarters, adjacent to the Board Room. The plaques illustrate a timeline of growth, accomplishments, and personal narratives that guide you through the history of GFA Federal Credit Union.

In addition to the CEO Hall of Fame, Gerald L. Bankowski presented Tina M. Sbrega with the dedication of the new Board Room in her honor, recognizing her for her leadership over the years. Additionally, three conference rooms were named in honor of past CEO’s.

“To name the new Board Room in my honor is greatly appreciated and humbling. Together we have achieved much, and I know that I will always remember fondly our time spent together and the things we were able to accomplish over the years” said Tina M. Sbrega.

Charles P. Bowles unveils his CEO dedication plaque

Tina M. Sbrega, President & CEO unveils her CEO dedication plaque

Andrew N. Boucher, Vice Chair; Gerald L. Bankowski, Chief Governance Officer; Charles P. Bowles, former President & CEO; and Tina M. Sbrega, President & CEO stand with the newly unveiled CEO Wall of Fame

Gerald L. Bankowski, Chief Governance Officer; and Tina M. Sbrega, President & CEO unveil the new GFA Boardroom dedication plaque

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