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  • Jun 17, 2021

Tech Talk with Jeff - New Cell Phone

So, you're buying a new cell phone, what should you consider during your transition from old to new?

Make sure you've backed up the information on your current phone. Of course, you'll want everything moved to your new phone, so be sure to back up your contacts, text messages, any files you have on the phone and most important, your pictures. Both Apple and Android have cloud backup functions making this a simple process. Once this function is set up everything happens behind the scenes make it an easy and smooth transition.

If you use this cell phone for work, make sure you talk to your IT Department. That way they can make sure you have what you need to be able to continue using it seamlessly.

If you are trading in your old phone, be sure to wipe your information off the phone. Some providers won't take your trade if this hasn't been done. If your provider will do this for you, make sure they actually do it. You don't want your personal information being available to whomever buys your phone from them.

When you have your shiny new phone, make sure you put a screen protector and case on it. These will help to prevent damage to your new investment. Also, be sure to set up the Face ID or passcode function . You don't want others to be able to take advantage of your unlocked phone if it is lost or stolen.

Now, enjoy your new cell phone and all the new features it has!

As always, be aware and be safe!

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