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  • Jul 09, 2021

How To Open a New Checking Account Online: 3 Quick Steps

Opening a checking account is a simple process. All you need is a few bits of information to get you started. Without knowing what you need to open a new checking account online, the entire process can grind to a halt until you have the necessary documents and information. Take the time to gather what you need so you can get your account immediately and easily.

Personal Information

To begin, you’re going to need your social security number, provide your date of birth, and present your driver’s license or similar identification. You need to prove who you are to the bank in order to proceed with the account-making process. If you don’t have the correct documents, banks may have workarounds, but many may discontinue opening the account until you get the documents you need.

Contact Info

After you have your background information settled, you need to add in your contact information. This includes:

  • Your home address
  • Your phone number
  • Your Email

While you may do your banking entirely online, the bank still need this information to send you statements, account bills, or alerts of suspicious activity. By giving them so many avenues of contact, you ensure they can get you any sensitive information in the event one of your points of contact changes.

Single or Joint Account

You need to decide whether you want an account all to yourself or if you want to share it with another person. With a single account, you’re the sole owner and the only one who can deposit or withdraw money. In contrast, a joint account gives access to you and another person, typically a family member or significant other. Either one of you can deposit or withdraw money, as you both have equal ownership of the account.

Protect Your Information

Knowing how to open a checking account online is only the first step. After that, you will receive information to access your money. You must protect this information. Allowing others to access the PIN of your bank account compromises the security and risks thieves stealing money. Work with banks that you trust and do not share your account information with strangers.

GFA Federal Credit Union offers various banking services, whether you need to take out a loan or create checking accounts in Massachusetts. Their financial professionals can help you navigate through the nuances of the financial world and offer solutions and advice to your banking concerns.

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