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  • May 18, 2022

GFA Federal Credit Union's 2022 Board of Directors

Five board members were re-elected to serve new terms and three newly opened positions were filled at GFA's 2022 Annual Meeting.

The Annual Meeting of GFA Federal Credit Union was held April 27th in the Main Branch, Headquarters Community Room at 229 Parker Street, as well as virtually, giving all members the opportunity to view and share in the Credit Union’s successes of 2021, along with hearing about GFA’s vision and strategy for the years to come.

In 2022 several Director terms ended, and five members entered re-election. In the years prior, the GFA Board of Directors was led by Gerald L. Bankowski, Chief Governance Officer; Andrew N. Boucher, Vice-Chair; and Mark P. Hawke, Clerk. The terms for Mr. Bankowski and Mr. Hawke expired in early 2022. The entire GFA family, and our community experienced the untimely loss of Mr. Boucher prior to the end of his term. During their tenure they provided GFA Federal Credit Union and ultimately our members with outstanding leadership, GFA acquired Cheshire County Federal Credit Union, and assets grew from $454 million to over $670 million.

The following Board Members were elected to the open roles in 2022. Douglas R. Delay (Incumbent), Retired Purchasing Manager of Latrobe Specialty Steel Distribution, a division of Carpenter technology Corporation, elected to the role of Chief Governance Officer; Mark P. Hawke (Incumbent), Gardner School District’s Director of Finance and Operations, elected to the role of Vice-Chair; and JoAnne W. Parks (Incumbent), Operations Manager, M.H. Parks Company Incorporated, elected to the role of Clerk.

“We are so fortunate to have a Board that is comprised of professionals from a multitude of industries, with extensive experience who volunteer their time - some serving term after term to a mission they truly believe,” said Joshua I. Brier, President & Chief Executive Officer, “for GFA Federal Credit Union to earn the trusted position as your financial solutions partner, for all life’s occasions, while remaining invested in our communities.”

Pictured left to right: Joshua I. Brier, President & Chief Executive Officer of GFA Federal Credit Union; Mark P. Hawke, Vice-Chair; JoAnne W. Park, Clerk; Douglas R. Delay, Chief Governance Officer.

At the 2022 Annual Meeting, five individuals were re-elected to the Board of Directors to serve additional terms. The re-elected Directors include Heather Isaacs (Incumbent) Certified Public Accountant and Partner at Goulet, Salvido & Associates to serve a two-year term; Gerald L. Bankowski (Incumbent), President/Owner of Venning & Jacques P.C; Elaine T. Fluet (Incumbent) President & CEO Care Central VNA & Hospice; Michael T. Horrigan (Incumbent) Partner at Horrigan Cleaners; and John Richard (Incumbent), Auditor for the City of Gardner; all re-elected to serve a three-year term.

“We are honored that these individuals volunteer their time to serve as members of our Board of Directors. They possess the business acumen that is required for the responsibilities of this Board and are well poised to participate in the strategic vision of GFA.” said Douglas R. Delay, Chairman of the Board of Directors. 

The candidates were recommended by the Nominating Committee and elected by the Membership. The nominating committee has the task to nominate the best candidates to serve as representatives on the Board of Directors. Being elected by the Membership, Directors ensure that governance is practiced in the best interest of GFA’s Member-Owners.


Pictured left to right: Gerald L. Bankowski, Incumbent; Elaine T. Fluet, Incumbent; Michael T. Horrigan, Incumbent


Pictured left to right: Heather Isaacs, Incumbent; John Richard, Incumbent

GFA Federal Credit Union has had five CEOs over the past 84 years, today we are still honored to have two remain on our Board of Directors. The historical knowledge they bring, their experience within the financial industry, and their strong ties within the communities GFA serves have assisted immensely in the guidance brought forward from the Board.


Pictured left to right: Charles P. Bowles, Retired GFA President & CEO; Tina M. Sbrega, President of Lighthouse Biz Solutions LLC., a wholly owned subsidiary of GFA, Retired GFA President & CEO

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