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  • Sep 20, 2022

Tech Talk with Jeff - Smishing

Smishing is SMS phishing. Basically, text message phishing. So what's the big deal? It's only a text message. 

Oh, we live in such a dangerous world. There are so many ways to be attacked and it's so hard to detect the threats. Threats have always been out there throughout history, but now there are new, very sophisticated ways we can be attacked that include the ability for anyone, anywhere in the world to try and hurt or steal from you.

Smishing is SMS (Short Message Service) phishing. Basically, text message phishing. So what's the big deal? It's only a text message. 

Everyone is using text messaging now. It is short, fast, and convenient. When attempting to scam people there are some problems in getting people to open the threat. Not all emails get opened. Also, with training, many people are more careful with email when it comes to threats. Ah, but text messaging...everyone opens their text messages. Pretty much all of them. And right away too because it is so immediate. That makes text message phishing a great avenue to try to scam/attack someone. Gather a list of phone numbers and just throw scam messages at them. It's straightforward and easy.

Some examples of text message scams are: 

                “You have won a prize. Click here to collect it.”

                “A package is on the way to you. Click here to track it.”

                “Hey, look at this funny video!”

                “Can you believe this news! Click here to see what everyone is talking about."

                “Your account has been locked out. Click here to unlock it.”

                “Click here for a coupon to buy___.”

These types of examples are endless. The idea is to get you to respond back or to click on a link. Ah, links. Remember how dangerous they are in emails? Yes, they're just as bad in text messages. And just like in emails, they try to make it tempting or time sensitive.

As always, you need to protect yourself from the threats coming at you. Be aware and be careful. Lots of bad people out there want to separate you from your information and money.

Be aware and be safe!

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