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  • Mar 03, 2023

GFA Donates $5,000 to the Narragansett Historical Society, Grange Hall Restoration Project

GFA’s Board of Directors approved a $5,000 donation to support the Narragansett Historical Society’s Grange Hall restoration project. The organization acquired the historic building and began its restoration in 2021 with plans for the building to be open for use once again by the town later this year. The project is being funded entirely through grants and donations.

“We have a rich history in the town of Templeton, and we need to make every effort to preserve our precious historic items for generations to come. Grange Hall is one large piece of this history, and our progress is due directly through generous donations like yours and from the dedication of our members,” said Brian Tanguay, President, Narragansett Historical Society.

“Templeton is fortunate to have citizens investing their time and expertise into projects like the Grange Hall restoration. It is wonderful to preserve the important history of our communities and the GFA is pleased to participate in supporting these efforts,” said Douglas Delay, GFA Federal Credit Union Chief Governance Officer.

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