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  • Mar 01, 2023

Insurance Tip of the Month - March Home Maintenance and Safety Checklist

Let’s get a jump start on spring with some home maintenance tips and tricks.

1. Clean the Kitchen

    • Deep clean the garbage disposal
    • Clean out the oven

Did you know that 8% of home cooking fires are caused by dirty ovens or ranges? Grime and food build up can render your oven a fire hazard if you don’t clean it regularly.

2. Be Fire Smart

    • Check fire extinguishers
    • Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

Kitchen fires are more common than you’d think. Unfortunately, a leading cause in home fire deaths.

3. Check in with your Bathroom

    • Recaulk the tub and toilet
    • Deep clean to prevent mold

Prevent leaks and water damage in your home by checking the sealing and caulking in your bathroom. Bathrooms are a paradise for molds, mildew, and fungus.

4. Get Outside

    • Keep the driveway and sidewalk clear
    • Watch for ice dams and icicles

Ice buildup on your roof and gutters can cause expensive damage later in the year. Patch up any areas that tend to collect water to prevent leaks and further damage to your roof.

5. Upgrade Locks

    • Have you checked into smart locks?

Smart Locks make it easier for you to get in and out of your house without letting intruders in. They’re especially handy for anyone who tends to lose their keys.

6. Get Ahead on Spring Cleaning…and Smile!

Make your home feel a little safer, cleaner, and happier by checking some items off this home maintenance list.

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