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  • May 19, 2023

Tech Talk with Jeff - Snail Mail Scams

If you look at the photo below you may recognize this as something similar to a mailing you have received in the past. There are companies out there who take advantage of public information and try to scare you into buying their services. This is an example of one of them.

How did they get your information and who you have your mortgage with? That one is really easy. They just go to the registry of deeds website. This information is readily available to anyone. Take a look. It’s amazing to see the amount of information that’s provided. On the registry of deeds web site, they have your address, mortgage company and obviously your name. They then use this information to send you these types of snail mail messages to scare you into buying their services. They must catch enough people to make it worth the cost of the mailings!

Notice the tactic. “Final Notice” It’s going to expire soon! Act now! It leaves you wondering how you missed all the previous notices (which were never sent). They make it look official and even include what looks like a check. Who doesn’t want to cash a check? They make it all look tempting and time sensitive to give you a sense of urgency to act upon. Notice at the very bottom they state it is not a check, even though it looks like one.

As with all scams, don’t let the urgency get to you. Slow down and think. Did I request this? Is this anything I have done before on this topic? Why did I get this and who is this company? It also makes it seem more official since they mention the name of your mortgage company. I can assure you, no matter who your mortgage is with, they were not contacted about this and have no part in their name being included on this letter. There is also a note at the bottom that your mortgage company is not involved with this letter.

So, what is the best thing to do when you get one of these types of letters? Shred it and move on with your day. It is not worth anything to you other than being aware that this is another angle used to try and get you to give them your money.

Be aware and be safe!

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