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  • Jun 06, 2023

Insurance Tip of the Month - Water Safety for Your Kids

Are you following and enforcing the right water safety rules?

Talk to your children about the importance of water safety each time you plan to swim or be near a body of water. Consider the following recommendations for water safety to keep your little ones safe.

Keep an Eye Out

It’s important to never leave your child unattended — both in and around a body of water.

  • If you are in a group of children and adults, take turns being the “Water Watcher” — an adult tasked with supervising children in the water. This can ensure all children have an eye on them and you can still have a good time with your friends!  
  • Have a phone nearby in case you need to call someone in the event of an emergency or if a child is missing. If this happens, check the pool first.
  • Even if a lifeguard is on duty, your child and the children in your party are your responsibility. When any lifeguard chair is empty, the remaining lifeguards may not be able to see the entire pool and their view can be blocked by other patrons.

Install Barriers Around Pools

We hate to say it, but accidents happen often when pools and curious children meet. Proper fences, barriers, alarms, and covers can be life-saving devices.

  • A fence with a height of at least four feet should be installed on all four sides of the pool area and should not be climbable by children.
  • Install a self-closing, self-latching gate on your pool fence that will prevent it from being left open.
  • Install a door alarm that connects from your house to the pool area, and keep pool and spa covers in working order at all times.

Enroll on Swimming Lessons

One of the best ways to prevent a life-threatening accident from happening in the water is learning and teaching your child how to swim.

  • Sign your children up for swimming lessons — there are many free or reduced-cost options available from your local YMCA, USA Swimming chapter, or Parks and Recreation Department.
  • Research shows that if a child doesn’t learn to swim by the third grade, chances are he or she never will, so preparing your kids earlier is better.

Consider Umbrella Insurance

To add an extra layer of protection, homeowners with a pool should consider purchasing a personal umbrella policy. An umbrella insurance policy protects you in the event you have exhausted the required underlying insurance amounts of your homeowner’s policy. It provides liability coverage against judgments against you in a lawsuit for negligent acts, coverage for defense costs and attorneys’ fees associated with claims against you and/or protection for a covered loss that takes place anywhere in the world.

Helping you have a stress-free summer is why we’re here. We provide support that will go well beyond simply finding you the right insurance policy. HUB International is always here to answer any questions you have about proper pool safety rules and personal umbrella insurance to cover yourself.

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