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  • Jul 31, 2023

Advantages of a Credit Union Checking Account

Credit unions are one of a kind. They aim to create a community that’s supportive of each customer’s financial needs.

Continue reading to learn about the advantages of credit union checking accounts if you’re searching for the right company to open a new account with.

Zero Fees

Many banks offer credit cards, savings accounts, and checking accounts that require monthly maintenance fees. Rather than help your financial situation, the companies are taking away your hard-earned money.

Credit unions are amazing because they offer checking accounts with zero fees! Once the money goes into your account, only departing when you make a purchase.

There’s no minimum balance in place. Even when times get tough, a low balance won’t result in repercussions.

Build Interest

Many praise savings accounts for their high interest-earning rates and power to expand a person’s savings. Nevertheless, they aren’t the only option available when you want to build interest.

Another advantage of credit union checking accounts is the power to grow interest. Monthly interest will give you a percentage of cash back simply for keeping money in your checking account. It’s a great way to continue spending money on your regular purchases and reap the monthly cash-back benefits.

Earn Rewards

You don’t solely earn rewards through fancy credit cards. You can receive rewards without paying for anything out of the ordinary.

Shop at grocery stores and local vendors with your debit card to earn great discounts. You can also receive great travel benefits, gas rewards, and much more!

Superior Customer Service

Banks typically have strict rules, and making a profit is their primary motivation. Credit unions are close-knit businesses that prioritize customer satisfaction. Employees at credit unions want to answer any questions you may have and help their customers improve their financial status.

Find a company that you can trust. GFA has credit union checking accounts available, so you can reap the benefits of minimal fees, incredible customer service, and numerous rewards!

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